Starting up rollers Bench Start e.NOV®

Watch the START DEMOS :Manx norton, Vincent Black lightning . Egli-Vincent. yamaha MT01 .

Banc de démarrage à rouleaux enov

Starting up rollers Bench Start.

Still in the novelty e. NOV ® offers you to start you motorcycle on your own.

Take a step ahead with Start e. NOV ®, the first engine powered autonomous rolling rollers motorcycle bench.

No electrical connection needeed which gives you a big ease onto race tracks.

It allows to maintain motorcycles engines all year long on your own in the workshop to feed the bike engine lines.

The positioning of the bike is eased by the aluminum folding banister.

Left or right reversible starting up pedal .

Its strong and compact aluminum frame offers good stability, Its components are anodised to protect against corrosion and are assembled with silentblocs.

Its 6.5 hp four stroke engine power and reliability allows any motorcycle start.

Moving it is eased with its wheels and handle.

Start e.NOV® can be stored vertical to save space during carriage or store.

Sold assembled, ready to use .


banc de démarrage autonome enov.e.NOV motorcycle rolling rollers

The strongest starting up roller bench, e.NOV

no space needeedto store the e.NOV starting up roller bench

Once folded,no space to carry the e.NOV starting upp rollers bench start.

What makes the Start e.NOV device ahead compared to others:

Very strong 4 stroke engine, 6.5 hp.

Its small dimensions and light weight makes it easy to move.

Easy start, quiet, no expensive and heavy battery to buy, carry, or charge.

Strong and compact anodised aluminium frame.

Manufacture quality e.NOV®, MADE IN FRANCE.

Dimensions : 1490 X 435 mm, h 340mm. Folded1040 X 435, h 340 mm. Weight 37 Kg.

Available, from 1490 € .

e.NOV® is a patented trade mark.