Our story

ENOV, a story born almost 25 years ago

"Whatever doesn't kill us makes us more
fort »
says the maxim: it applies perfectly to Patrick
GUEGUEN founder of ENOV. He was a relentless side-carist in 69S hitched by him “With this BMW, I broke the engine twice! The first time I replaced it with a Citroën 2CV mill, the second with that of an Ami8. In the end, I did almost 400,000 km with it! » Until April 16, 1978: due to badly marked work on the road, Patrick is the victim of a serious accident which leaves him severely handicapped. But obstinate, he recovered from this ordeal: after six months of intensive care, he did not give up the idea of riding a motorcycle.


A mechanic on large fishing boats, then at Citroën and the SNCF, he was self-employed at the time of the accident. This sidecar enthusiast decides to create his own model, the RSC Scalene, powered by a Suzuki 1100 GSX-R: "I put at least 12,000 hours of work to complete this project, whose front wheel and basket wheel are directional" The model will be presented at the 1996 Paris Motor Show, a first example sold on the stand! Then Patrick will collaborate with Produc'Side, another three-wheeler specialist.

After new health problems, the inventor took up quad biking and made himself a trigger handlebar, to be able to correctly handle the machine off-road: the e.Nov adventure from there: on the strength of his first success, he designs a handlebar adjustable in three dimensions: the Multiposition 3D, in 2007 “The most complicated thing is designing and manufacturing the tapered end of each T6 7010 aluminum handlebar. They are stamped, then drilled in the middle, before being tapped and finally machined. Finally, each handlebar is curved and I can tell you that is easier said than done! » Each half-handlebar fits into interchangeable clamps with twenty available diameters. This universality means that only half a handlebar can be changed in the event of a fall. ENOV also offers handlebar risers and aluminum headlight brackets. Patrick, you have understood, is not stingy with projects.

A new page in history turns in 2022 with the takeover of ENOV by Simon PIGUET and Jean Pierre BONATO. Both come from the motorcycle world, one having been director of BERINGER brakes, the other press agent for many renowned brands and organizer of the SUNDAY RIDE CLASSIC and ALPES AVENTURE. This association will allow ENOV to cross a new course and new frontiers.